HELP! What Shingle Should I Choose?

Man working on roof

You have a roof approved by your insurance company; it is time for a new roof due to age or wear and tear.  The next step is choosing a roofing product.  Does it really matter what color and texture you pick? Yes, it does! 

The first impression people get of how you live is based on the exterior of your home, so you want it to have curb appeal!  Not only is it important for your home to look great, but also that you have the added value for the investment you are making in your home if you want to sell it later. Here are a few items for consideration:

We have all binge watched HGTV, scanned the Houzz app, drooled over Pinterest.  We have “oohed and ahhed” when our neighbors changed the siding or color scheme of their house.  Or, we have experienced the dreaded opposite; shook our heads and questioned, “what were they thinking when they chose that color?”  as we drove by a loud house with mismatched paint and siding, or windows that did not suit the home. You want the exterior of your home to look nice, to match, and to have a cohesive look. The roof is a dominant feature of your home and can be seen from the street as well as your neighbors’ homes. Shingles will last in our climate over 15 years; so you should also consider the longevity of the look and stay away from home trends and opt for something more classic and suitable for your home itself.  You want to enjoy the look for a long time!

Another consideration when choosing a color is your landscape and the needs of your home.  Do you have trees hanging over your house?  A lighter shingle is more likely to staining from limbs and leaves, and show wear quicker than a darker one. If your roof gets less sun, you also might have issues with algae, so that is a consideration as well. If you see “streaks” on your home, this could be an indicator that you should consider upgrading to a shingle with greater algae resistance to prevent this on your new home.

If you are planning on selling your home, curb appeal adds immediate value as it grabs the attention of the prospective buyer. Try and choose a color that works well with your existing color palate if the only change is to your roof.  If you have green siding on your home, you may want to avoid a red roof, and choose a color and texture that will complement the green color.  A selection made without considering the context of your current exterior could create an eye sore for neighbors – and a potential buyer.

To make the best possible selection on something impactful like a roof – you will want to have some real life examples.

  • We would be glad to provide a list of builds we have completed so you can see some samples of roof selections and how to tie your ext.
  • You could also take a drive around the neighborhood for ideas on good color combination and examples of how the roof creates impact.
  • Take photos, jot down addresses of roofs that you like, and schedule a meeting (insert a link to your contact form here)with your sales representative to assist you with just the right match.

We also recommend visiting Houzz, Owens Corning’s Website and CertainTeed’s Website.  They will give you inspiration and also a better understanding of options available in our market.



Your shingle selection is a surprisingly important decision to make when having your roof replaced and has a direct impact on your home’s look and value.  Let us assist you in choosing your new roof!  Contact Storm Guard Roofing & Construction of Naperville to assist you with all of your home exterior needs.