SG Pro-Scan Drone Inspection

Finally, technology that delivers… SG ProScan!

  • Hands-Free roof scan in under 10 minutes.
    • Fast and accurate scan (AI insights guide our in-office virtual inspection)
    • Safe for our inspectors and your roof (no boots)
    • HD quality photos aerial photos pinpointing any concerns
  • Full roof pre-loss data stored in the cloud.
    • For use should a weather event create the need for an insurance claim
  • Live or virtual scan review.
    • Virtually walk the roof with one of our inspection professionals


The scans are processed by artificial intelligence to locate granule loss, hail hits, and other small imperfections. This unbiased look at the roofing aids in the diagnosis of the roof and points towards a path forward (the need to replace due to aging, the need to file a claim, etc.).